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  • Acrbo-300sq-pass-failMoment of truth: Certain your backup will come through for you?
    Testing backup has long been considered labor-intensive, time-consuming and costly – and therefore a low-priority project. But unlike the past, Chris Groot explains, cloud-based backup enables you to strike a balance between effort and risk mitigation. The price for being proactive is no longer high. But remaining reactionary can be costly. Does that statement seem familiar? It’s from last month’s post, written in the context of improving recovery time by adopting a proactive approach to backup. But it works just as well for another “to-do” that many managed service providers (MSPs) conveniently overlook. Roll your eyes if you like. But it’s time to have a talk about testing your backup. The first step is to understa ... read more

  • Lock_300x300It only takes one: How a lone remote worker alters your IT security
    Your customers’ remote workers likely connect to networks with questionable security, making them perfect targets for cybercriminals. What’s your move? Bjorn Bakker, MAXfocus Head of Product Marketing, points to cloud-based remote management that features web protection. Hackers and cybercriminals are like rodents that wreak havoc on homes: They aren’t going to ring the doorbell, and patiently wait for you to answer and invite them inside. Rather, they’re going to find cracks in the foundation, unlatched vents and any other hard-to-detect holes that offer easy access. All they need is a sliver of space to do damage. Online attackers work the same way. Successfully penetrating a network is much greater if they forgo the stra ... read more

  • ACRBO-Migration_300x300Lagging on WS2K3 migration? 5 tips from the procrastination police
    Nobody likes a nag. But sometimes it’s necessary to be one. MAXfocus Security Lead Ian Trump strongly suggests migrating from Windows Server 2003 – now. However, he provides five IT tips for businesses that can’t meet the July 14 “end of life” deadline. How many of you grew up with that parent? You know, the mother or father who nagged you to clean your room, do your homework, empty the trash, or take care of some other job you desperately tried to avoid. Well, for all the procrastinators out there, this question may make you cringe. But it has to be asked – for your sake and that of your customers: Have you migrated from Windows Server 2003 (WS2K3) yet? You may not care for that question. But you’ll like the cons ... read more